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Rupa weak spot mods

This wot mod helps players to define where are tanks weak spots, important modules and crew. With this you can easy put enemy tank crew out of action, or set fuel tanks on fire, or maybe shoot at ammo rack / ammunition storage and try to blow up opponents.
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WoT – Map loading screens

Here is something to spice up your time waiting for your game. If you use this mod, then when you go to the battle, you see loading screen with a nice sexy girl that beautifies the time of loading.
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Rupa WoT mod pack

Simple wot mod package which helps you in different ways.
Hit log helps you keep track of all seen hits that you did to the enemy tanks.
Shows penetrations of your vehicle or bounces from it in the damage panel, it is also visible who had done the damage and how much and what kind of ammunition was used.
Xvm site plugin allows you to see your (WN8-damage) statistics and the statistics of all players in the game, and chances to win by wn8.
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WoT Sight mod

Contains armor thickness indicator, with which you can check the thickness of the enemy armor.

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Wot Sixth Sense icons

Is usually a light that comes on when you are spotted.
If you want you can change the Wot Sixth Sense Icons to something else. Simply select the image, download it and extract it in your World of tanks folder.
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World of Tanks - WoT mod

WOT Minimap Mod

Minimap wot mod is one of the esential mods for World of Tanks game. It helps you to easy follow the enemy vehicles and also shows the type of the tanks and there last seen locations. View range, spotting range..
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WOT Replays

Are good for learning.
Even when you play your games and you die, the best thing to do is to watch the match till the end. Usually best players stay alive till the end, and that my friend, is best way to learn, just observe those players .
In our section Wot op replays you can watch some public replays. Only excellent games is found here. Watch and maybe you will learn new things.
If you had a good game, and want to share it, simply click upload button in the right.
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How to NOT suck

Is something that beginners should know. When I was a beginner this quite changed my view on gaming. I quickly changed my way of playing and improve my statistics. so check it out.

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